Academic Success

IB Diploma Results

At ICS London we place a great amount of importance on community, emotional development and educating the 'whole student'. But this is not at the expense of maintaining high academic standards.

The proof is in our results. We're proud that over the past five years our students achieved an average International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) point score of 33.2 – significantly higher than the world average of 30.2.

Researchers have found that students on IB programmes perform better than their peers on other educational tracks in many ways, including higher average marks and more first-choice university acceptances.

We are also the only international school in London offering e-assessment for our Middle Years Programme (MYP), allowing students aged 11-16 the opportunity to be assessed through ePortfolios and on-screen exams.

Mohamad, Graduating Class of 2023

"Dedication, hard work and belief were the three key principles that I have acquired along my DP journey. With the help of my friends and teachers at ICS London, I was able to push myself even further. I thank everyone for everything."

"I decided to study Economics with Data Science at UCL (University College London) because of their focus on research. My time at ICS helped me solidify my interests and I discovered that a more interdisciplinary course would interest me more.  I would love to use my Data Science and Economics skills to solve problems that the world faces today – especially those that have something to do with the environment."

-Navya, Graduating Class of 2020

MYP eAssessment - Results 2023

Congratulations to class of 2023

Highest points awarded: 45

ICS London Average             39

World Average                         37.56

More than half of our students achieved above the world average.

student playing the trumpet

ISA Results

ICS London Primary School is elated to announce the remarkable results of its Year 4 to Year 6 students in the recently concluded International School Assessments (ISA) for 2023. 

The school's performance in the ISA not only demonstrates academic excellence but also serves as a testament to the hard work, commitment, and collaborative efforts of all those involved in the education of Year 4, 5, and 6 students.

2022-2023 PYP ISA Assessment Results
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In 2019 the Telegraph ranked ICS London #11 for A-level equivalent results, from small independent schools, in all of the United Kingdom. This was a ranking result provided by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), which also recognises ICS London.

Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of the ISC, said: "Regardless of whether a pupil wants to pursue a more academic or vocational pathway, independent schools are well-placed to enable them access to the route that will best meet their needs. This year’s results show that schools are offering a wider array of educational opportunities and effectively supporting pupils to fulfil their potential."

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