Every Educational Journey is Different

As a globally minded community, all of us at ICS London realise the enormous benefits of increased diversity.

If our students are to grow to become responsible global citizens it is essential that they learn values of empathy and compassion, and how to see things from another's point of view.

Our student body comprises of citizens from more than 50 nations, with numerous languages, cultures and faiths represented in all parts of the school. Every learner is an individual, which is why we work hard to ensure each student has an ideal environment in which to develop, whatever their specific needs may be.

English as an Additional Language

The culture at ICS London is one of respect and understanding, and we make sure all students and staff are aware of their part to play in building and maintaining that environment. The result is a school where all students can learn, progress and be happy.

We value the importance of students who may speak another language at home, as well as the huge benefits of learning English. We regularly integrate home languages in learning exercises and have a partnership with a language centre which offers additional, private English tuition. 

Where English is not the student’s first language, the school may offer a beginner or intensive EAL programme.  This will be confirmed in consultation with the Head of EAL and according to the student's level of English. 

Common European Framework Reference for Languages: 

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

An inclusive environment develops empathy, which is a fundamentally vital trait for active, globally minded and responsible people. To this end, we're proud to include students with a range of different learning challenges, and have highly trained staff on hand, including therapists and linguists, to handle any additional requirements a student may have.

Download our SEN brochure here.

students in lesson using devices

“I visited ICS London Primary school and saw how great, inclusive and open minded they are, this made me feel confident in having my daughter in ICS London. ”

-Primary Years Parent