ICS London Extends Support to Morocco and Libya in Latest Initiatives

Students on a charity dog walk for Morocco and Libya in Hyde Park
  • Primary
  • Secondary

In a remarkable demonstration of compassion and unity, students and staff from ICS London came together across both their primary and secondary campuses to raise a commendable £1,015.29 in aid of earthquake and flood relief efforts in Morocco and Libya.

The fundraising event showcased the school's commitment to global citizenship and community engagement, including a non-uniform day for primary students and a charity dog walk around Hyde Park for secondary students and staff and their four-legged friends.

The charitable initiative was prompted by the recent devastating earthquakes and floods that have struck Morocco and Libya, leaving countless families displaced and in need of urgent assistance. Responding to this crisis, ICS London mobilized its community to raise funds for humanitarian relief efforts.

The day began with primary students arriving at school dressed in a vibrant array of non-uniform outfits, deviating from their usual uniforms. The non-uniform day was met with enthusiasm as students eagerly embraced the chance to express their individuality while contributing to the cause. Every participant's donation was a step closer to providing relief to the affected communities.

Simultaneously, at the secondary campus, students and staff embarked on a unique charity dog walk through Hyde Park. This innovative initiative saw students and staff bringing their beloved pets along for the event.

A student from Year 8 commented on this event, "I brought my 2 pups to the walk, and they adored all the attention. We only had 1 runner and we all worked together to catch the rascal. Everyone had a turn walking everyone's dog and it was amazing! Even a week later me and everyone in my class ae talking about how we want one day like the doggy walk every month or even better every week!"

But that was not all. To add to the creative flair of the event, ICS London organized yet another meaningful activity. As apart of International Community Day students and staff donated to dress up in attire that represented their respective cultures. With costumes ranging from traditional clothing to cultural symbols, the participants paraded around Paddington Basin in a colourful display of diversity and unity. This cultural parade not only celebrated the rich tapestry of backgrounds within the ICS London community but also served as a symbolic gesture of support to the earthquake and flood victims.

The funds raised during the event will be directed towards earthquake and flood relief efforts in Morocco and Libya, where communities are grappling with the aftermath of natural disasters and require immediate support for shelter, medical aid, and essential supplies.

The ICS London community has a history of active involvement in charitable endeavours, and this latest fundraising effort underscores their dedication to making a meaningful impact on a global scale.

As the day concluded, students and staff returned to their campuses with a deep sense of accomplishment, knowing that their collective effort would contribute to alleviating the suffering of earthquake and flood victims in Morocco and Libya.

With their heartwarming display of solidarity and commitment to helping those in need, ICS London continues to set a remarkable example for students and communities worldwide.