ICS London IBDP Students Celebrate Another Year of Great Results

ICS London IBDP Students Celebrate Another Year of Great Results
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ICS London celebrates another year of great IB results, with students boasting an impressive average IB score of 32 points, against the world average of 30.24. With 100% pass rate and some of our students already being accepted into top universities, we wish our graduating class of 2023 all the best in their future endeavours. 

In a resounding display of academic excellence, students at ICS London celebrated their recent graduation and outstanding International Baccalaureate (IB) results this May. The school community came together to applaud their achievements, as the results showcased the students' dedication, hard work, and the school's commitment to academic excellence.

Maintaining their exceptional standards, ICS London boasted an impressive average IB score of 32 points, surpassing the world average of 30.24 points. This accomplishment reinforces ICS London's reputation as a leading institution for nurturing and empowering its students to reach their full potential.

With a 100% pass rate, each graduating student received their well-deserved IB diplomas, signifying the culmination of their rigorous academic journey. The joy and pride felt by the ICS London faculty, staff, and families were palpable as they witnessed their students' dedication pay off.

Among the graduating class were a number of students who secured placements in prestigious universities, including the renowned University of the Arts London (UAL). The acceptance of ICS London students into such esteemed institutions is a testament to their exceptional academic prowess, passion, and the well-rounded education provided by the school.

One of our graduates, Mohamad said: "Dedication, hard work and belief were the three key principles that I have acquired along my DP journey. With the help of my friends and teachers at ICS London, I was able to push myself even further. I thank everyone for everything."

The success of the graduating class serves as a testament to the supportive and nurturing environment fostered by ICS London. The school's commitment to excellence, combined with its dedicated faculty and staff, has empowered students to flourish both academically and personally.

As the graduates embark on their future endeavours, ICS London wishes them all the best, knowing they will continue to thrive and make a significant difference in their chosen fields. Their accomplishments will undoubtedly inspire future generations of ICS London students, setting a high standard of achievement and excellence.

ICS London continues to establish itself as a leading educational institution, committed to preparing students for success not only academically but also in their personal and professional lives. The school's outstanding IB results and the accomplishments of its graduates further solidify its reputation as a hub of excellence and a place where students can achieve their dreams.

Congratulations once again to the ICS London Class of 2023!