Students Shine at Victoria Dock Parkrun

Students Shine at Victoria Dock Parkrun
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Our students participated in a 5km run at Victoria Dock Parkrun, showcasing not just their athletic abilities but also their outstanding behavior.

The initiative, organized by Mr. John for their PE ePortfolio, saw the students completing the run at 8:30 a.m. The race director was quick to praise the students for their amazing behavior, and even onlookers were impressed by the students' politeness and friendliness.

Several runners also commended the students, with a special mention for Dante, who finished the run in an impressive 23 minutes. The event not only highlighted the students' dedication to fitness but also their ability to create a positive and respectful community atmosphere.

The success of this initiative not only reflects well on the students but sets a high standard for future endeavors, emphasizing both athletic excellence and good sportsmanship.

We were mentioned in the Victoria Dock Park Run news here.