Take a Virtual Walk through our Digital Primary Art Exhibition!

Take a Virtual Walk through our Digital Primary Art Exhibition!

We are thrilled to present our Primary Art Exhibition in a new and innovative digital format this year! This virtual gallery walk offers a unique opportunity for parents, family members, and friends to explore the incredible creativity and talent of our students from the comfort of their own homes.

Explore the Virtual Gallery

Our digital exhibition showcases a vibrant array of student artwork, reflecting the diverse range of subjects they have been studying throughout the year. From collaborative autumn-inspired pieces to intricate studies of molecular art, our students have poured their hearts and souls into their canvases.

Each section of the gallery represents a different theme or subject that the students have explored. As you navigate through the virtual space, you'll find descriptions of the techniques and inspirations behind each piece. These insights provide a deeper understanding of the artistic journey our students have embarked upon.

Highlights of the Exhibition

  • Nursery and Reception: In Term One, our youngest artists collaborated on three large-scale pieces inspired by the vibrant colours of autumn. Using watercolour paints and oil pastels, they created beautiful leaf rubbings that capture the essence of the season. 

  • Year 1: These students created nature-themed jelly prints by cutting shapes to use as stencils and making a series of overlapping prints. Their work highlights their exploration of texture and layering.

  • Year 2: Inspired by Andy Warhol, Year 2 students created mixed media portraits of cats. They also delved into the world of mixed media art and learned how to use colour to represent mood and emotion, resulting in expressive and dynamic pieces.

  • Year 3: Focusing on the fundamentals of colour theory, Year 3 students created colour wheels designed for younger children to use when mixing colours. Their work serves as both an educational tool and a colourful display.

  • Year 4 and 5: These students studied how art has evolved throughout history, including the ancient practice of cave painting. They also explored Op Art, a style of visual art that uses optical illusions to create impressions of movement, hidden images, and flashing patterns. Their abstract Op Art pieces are both visually striking and thought-provoking.

  • Year 6: Drawing inspiration from molecular artist David Goodsell, Year 6 students researched various viruses and investigated the process of infection. Their detailed artworks depict these microscopic entities and the science behind them. Additionally, every student began the year by creating an observational drawing of their own shoe. Over the years, these drawings will serve as a personal record of their artistic growth and development.

How to Navigate the Virtual Gallery

Parents can take a virtual walk through the gallery using our interactive platform. Simply click on the exhibition link provided at the bottom of this article to start your tour. You'll be able to:

  • Zoom in on Artwork: Get a closer look at the intricate details of each piece.
  • Read Artist Statements: Learn more about the inspiration and process behind the artworks through student-written descriptions.
  • Leave Comments: Share your thoughts and appreciation for the students' hard work by leaving a comment.

We hope this digital format makes it easier for everyone to experience the incredible creativity of our students, no matter where they are. Your support and encouragement mean the world to our young artists.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the artistic achievements of our students. Enjoy the virtual tour, and we look forward to seeing you in person at next year's exhibition!

Explore the exhibition now by clicking here.