Primary School Facilities

Students on the Primary Years Programme (PYP) are based at our Wyndham Place site, and are taught separately from older students on the Middle Years Programme (MYP) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

We believe separating the school in this way gives every student the best opportunity to learn, grow and play with members of their own age group.

The Primary site boasts modern facilities, giving all our students the learning materials and environment they need to excel.

Classrooms, Libraries and Learning Spaces

The site features seven classrooms, as well as three larger group teaching rooms. Specialist teaching spaces for art and music give children plenty of room to explore their creative sides, with performances regularly taking place in the school hall.

The multipurpose hall is also used for dining, and features a well-appointed library filled with books for young people to explore, discover and learn from.

As well as the main library in the school hall, every classroom has its own library.

School Meals

Hot school meals are available each day, designed to be healthy, well-balanced and to appeal to young taste buds! Students may bring in a packed lunch from home; we always encourage a healthy choice, creating as little waste as possible.

student laughing while eating her lunch

Beyond the Classroom

Student playing shot put

For Primary students to be active and get involved with sports and leisure we make use of the facilities at:

  • The Seymour Centre for sports and swimming,
  • Regent's Park Playground and
  • Paddington Street Gardens

As a school situated in the heart of one of the world's greatest major cities, we also organise regular trips to places of significant cultural and educational interest in the city. These range from museums to galleries and parents and guardians are encouraged to join the group!

Discover the resources and services available to parents and students at the Primary School.