Primary School Resources

The Wyndham Place campus at ICS London houses our Primary Years Programme (PYP), featuring leading resources to encourage every child to achieve their very best.

  • Students may access a full set of mathematical tools and resources
  • We promote mindfulness and wellbeing using Mind Yeti
  • All benefit from the Second Step Programme for Social-Emotional Learning
  • Our Positive Behaviour Programme uses Class Dojo
Student in a tablet


With its location in the heart of the city, ICS London is perfectly situated to take advantage of some of the incredible opportunities available in the local area.

As well as regular trips to some of the world-class museums and galleries to be found nearby, PYP students are also able to enjoy outdoor activities in playgrounds at Paddington Street Gardens and in Regents Park.

All students also receive swimming lessons at some point during each school year.

Technology, Support and Community

In a world that's steadily becoming more and more digitally-focused, we believe it's important that children learn how to use technology safely and properly, so students from Years 4-6 (aged 7-11) receive their own i-Pad on which to work. Online safety remains a priority, and with our help students learn to take this issue seriously.

  • Lower Primary students learn coding with Cubetto, an interactive robot
  • Upper Primary students use Spheros in a student-led lunchtime club that promotes ownership and student agency
  • Our iPad programme (1:1 for Years 3-6, and collaborative iPads in the lower Primary) are being used to collaborate in art and music on multimedia projects, and to connect learning with real-world experts in real-time

Resources do not stop with our students; support for students and their wider families is something we're proud to offer.

From special educational needs (SEN) and English as an additional language (EAL), to issues around expected cultural or parental behaviours in British society, we're always here to help. For further information on SEN and EAL click here.Find out more about the facilities and services available to Primary School students.


Hear directly from our Primary students!

I love coming to ICS London because you never know what you are going to learn next in a lesson, and there is always something new to explore.

-Tabitha, Primary student


students playing with lego