Primary School Services

We’re proud to have created a learning environment that enables every student to become their best self. One way we make this possible is through open and regular communication between staff, students and parents/guardians.

We believe that working together in this way to identify a student’s specific needs, and how we can help address them in a productive, stimulating way, leads to better results for students of all ages.

Inclusion is one of the most important elements of our philosophy, as we believe that inclusive environments help us all to develop empathy and a greater understanding of others and ourselves.

We're proud to successfully include students with a range of different learning challenges, with a staff that boasts qualified therapists, linguists and other experts to help everyone achieve their full potential.

girl in lesson smiling

Safe and Secure, From Door to Door

Our holistic approach to nurturing every student’s development isn’t something that ends at the school gates; we aim to look after our students as much as we can even before and after school! Our school bus service is therefore available to collect students from home in the morning and deliver them back – straight to the front door – at the end of each school day.

Read more about our transport service here.