Secondary School Services

As leaders and learners inspiring leaders and learners, we believe that inclusive environments help us all to develop empathy and a greater understanding of others and ourselves.

In practice, this means treating all students equally and celebrating the differences that make our student body (and staff) such a diverse, rich collection of experiences and attitudes.

Student Council and Groups: Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Safe and Secure, From Door to Door

The personal service you can expect from ICS London extends to our schoolbus scheme, which helps busy parents and guardians by collecting students in the morning and delivering them home – straight to their door – after school.

The service (which carries an additional cost) is available to year-round students and covers a large area of central London.

Read more about our transport service here.


Support is Always Available

In addition to the teaching staff, we have wellbeing coordinators, student support teachers, and a careers counsellor on site. We’re ready to help everyone achieve their full potential.

Progression With English

For students with English as an additional language, the Secondary school has created a dedicated transition course to help students who need it move into the Middle Years Programme (MYP) or Diploma Programme (DP).

Two students and a teacher