International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate (IB) was designed with “Education for a better world” in mind, which sits well with the ICS and Globeducate educational vision of preparing each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world.  It is a non-profit foundation motivated by its mission to create a better world through education.

Comprised of three age-targeted stages, this international curriculum takes a holistic approach to education, fostering intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills.

Our group-wide approach to teaching and learning will grow learners who are true pioneers and change-makers and our wider curricula will be constructed around the individual differences, specific talents, cultivating healthy competitiveness towards ourselves and giving each student the opportunity to access their first-choice university.

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A three stage programme for all age groups

ICS London collaborates closely with the IB organisation, aligning with our overarching educational emphasis on impactful teaching that enhances learning. This complements the IB programme's objective, which is to instill in students the abilities to think critically and independently, and to inquire with care and logic.

A ICS London student taking part in a physics practical lesson.

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Our goal is to cultivate global citizens shaping the world of tomorrow.