An International Staff for an International School

At ICS London our highly qualified teachers and staff reflect the global perspective of the school and its student body.

Drawn from across the world, with a deep understanding of the role played by culture in any student's educational development, teachers at ICS London play a vital role in our stated mission:

Our innovative approach to education inspires each and every student to discover their strengths within a community of future leaders.

Mandarin class

The teachers at ICS London bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and cultural understanding to the classroom. They undergo rigorous selection processes and are chosen not only for their subject knowledge but also for their ability to create a supportive and engaging learning environment. They strive to create meaningful connections with each student, recognising their unique strengths and needs.

Our teachers employ innovative teaching methods and utilise the latest educational resources to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning. They encourage active participation, collaboration, and independent thinking, preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing global landscape.

Advisory Board 

“The teachers have a very good understanding of the IB programme. They know how to give a guiding hand to us without being overbearing at all. It’s the perfect balance between support and freedom. ”

-Farida, Year 12 Student

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Our Staff's Expertise

Someone holding the book Learning in London

Learn about the Top 10 educational places to visit in London in an e-book written by staff members.

Our teachers are your specialist tour guides to these fascinating – and fun – educational destinations, guaranteed to captivate both children and parents. What better way to enrich a child’s sense of wonder than by taking learning out of the classroom and sharing in their enjoyment of discovery?

"Learning in London" e-book available to download for free here.




Thought Pieces

Discover our teachers' passions around education through their "Thought Pieces".

Thought Pieces are blog articles written by our teachers about a particular topic they are experts in.

Discover our teachers' expertise here.