Policies and Forms

Policies, Guides and Forms

Academic Integrity Policy (pdf)
Accessibility Statement and Plan (pdf)
Admissions Policy (pdf)
Anti Bullying Policy (pdf)
Assessment and Reporting Policy (Primary) (pdf)
Assessment and Reporting Policy (Secondary) Sep 2023 (pdf)
Attendance and Absence Policy (pdf)
Behaviour Policy (pdf)
Careers Policy (pdf)
Complaints Procedure for Parents (pdf)
Curriculum Policy (pdf)
Data Protection Policy for Students and Parents (pdf)
Day Trips and Visits Policy (pdf)
Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking - Policy and Sanctions (pdf)
E-Safety Policy (pdf)
Early Years Policy (pdf)
Equal Opportunities Policy (pdf)
First Aid Policy (pdf)
Food Policy (pdf)
Global Classroom Policy (pdf)
Health and Safety (pdf)
Intimate Care Policy (pdf)
Language Policy (Primary) (pdf)
Language Policy (Secondary) (pdf)
Lettings Policy (pdf)
Missing Child Policy (pdf) 

Non-Examination Assessment Policy (pdf)
Parents Absent Temporarily from the Home Policy (pdf)
Physical Contact and Restrictive Intervention Policy (pdf)
Prevent and Anti-radicalisation Policy (pdf)
Primary School Supervision of Students (pdf)
PSHEE Whole School Policy(pdf)
Relationships and Sex Education Policy (pdf)
Risk Management and Assessment (pdf)
Safeguarding Policy including Child Protection (pdf)
Safer Recruitment (pdf)
Secondary School Supervision of Students (pdf)
Student Exclusion Policy (pdf)
Teaching and Learning Policy (pdf) 
Whistleblowing Policy (pdf)
Whole School Inclusion Policy 2023 (pdf)



Coronavirus Risk Assessment 
Outbreak Management Plan

Terms and Conditions

ICS London Admissions Terms & Conditions (pdf)


Parents Absent from the Home Form (pdf)
Student leave of Absence Request Form (pdf)
Withdrawal Form (pdf) 
ICS London Complaints Form(pdf)

Parent Handbooks

Primary Parent Handbook
Secondary Parent Handbook

Inspection Report

ISI Report 2023

Globeducate Policies

All Policies