Student Life at ICS London

It's our students who form the majority of the community we're building, our students who will become future leaders, and our students who we must inspire to discover their passion and purpose.

Therefore, alongside academic excellence, ICS London aims to instil in students a love of learning and a positive, globally-informed view of the world. To that end, we believe student life should be as engaging, stimulating and, yes, fun as it can be!

Clubs and Sports

A range of varied after-school clubs offers students the chance to pursue their passions or find new interests, while those with a love for sports will find instructors and on and offsite facilities to help them raise their game – literally!

Both individual and team sports offer fantastic opportunities for students to develop crucial skills, from collaboration, problem-solving and teamwork to resilience, self-confidence and a positive attitude to exercise and health. Forming good exercise habits early in life has long-lasting benefits and contributes to positive development not only physically but also in terms of emotional and mental wellbeing. Where necessary, we may arrange for external sports providers to assist with venues and equipment for our after-school Clubs.

students playing basketball

Overseas Study Trips

As a truly international community of learners representing more than 50 different nationalities, we appreciate the immense value in experiencing different parts of the world firsthand. A diverse student body means a diverse range of views, interests and experiences, and our opportunities for international travel and exchanges aims to broaden those horizons even further. Destinations vary from year to year, but usually all students have the chance to experience travel to a different culture during their time at ICS London.

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Healthy Meals

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive educational experience extends to our dining hall. With a focus on nourishment and variety, our lunch service offers a delectable range of nutritious and culturally diverse meals. Prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, our menu is Halal and nut free and caters to different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring every student enjoys a satisfying meal. Beyond just nourishing the body, our dining hall is a space for social interaction, fostering friendships and a sense of community. At ICS London, we believe that a well-fed student is a well-prepared student, ready to embrace the rest of the day's academic and extracurricular adventures.

Download a sample of our lunch menu