School Day

Each day is a journey of discovery and growth for your child. Our vibrant mornings kick off with a warm welcome from one of our members of staff, setting the tone for a day filled with dynamic learning and positive connections. Modern, tech-enhanced classes foster creativity and critical thinking, ensuring your child receives a comprehensive education.

Beyond academics, our students engage in diverse extracurricular activities, providing opportunities to explore and cultivate their passions. Breaks and lunch are not just about refueling but also fostering friendships and social connections.

We prioritize your child's well-being with nutritious meals and dedicate time for focused homework, laying the foundation for academic success. At ICS London, we believe in holistic development, shaping young minds into confident, well-rounded individuals.

secondary student greeted by head of secondary

Typical Student Day

Unlocking Seamless Communication: Explore Toddle at ICS London

Toddle is an innovative tool embraced by ICS London to enrich the students' learning experience. This dynamic platform seamlessly integrates curriculum planning, evidence collection, student portfolios, reporting, and parent communication – all within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Toddle empowers our teaching staff to provide a more focused and effective education. For parents, it offers real-time insights into their child's progress, creating a collaborative bridge between home and school.

Yondr Pouches: Unplugging for Learning Focus

Yondr pouches were implemented at ICS London in August 2023, this was in order to prevent the negative impact of mobile phone use in school. Students arrive at school and put their mobile phone into a Yondr pouch which is locked for the whole of the school day. Should a teacher wish for students to use their mobile phone in a lesson, the Yondr pouches are unlocked for this purpose and locked again after the lesson. Students then unlock their mobile phones at the end of the school day. 

Thus far this academic year 2023-2024, the Yondr pouches have been very successful at ICS London. The students appreciate that as a school we are focused on learning and students have therefore welcomed the removal of this everyday distraction. Staff have supported this process and have benefitted from not having to challenge the use of mobile phones in lessons. We are committed to the use of Yondr pouches across ICS London. 

Benefits of the Yondr Pouches

65% Improvement in Academic Performance

74% Improvement in Student Behaviour

83% Improvement in Student Engagement