Student Wellbeing

The importance of wellbeing at ICS London

Our aim to help produce well-rounded, compassionate community-builders of tomorrow requires a holistic approach to education, and that philosophy extends to our attitude to student wellbeing.

We know that students do their best work and achieve their highest potential when they are able to fully concentrate and invest in their own educational journey. Therefore student wellbeing remains a constant priority, informing everything we do.


"ICS London is like a big family, I have never worked in such a close community where staff and children really do care about each other. Staff take time out of their day to say hello to students in different classes. Because of this nurturing and caring environment, the students are extremely happy and confident to take on new challenges at school."

-Nursery and Reception Class Teacher

early years getting creative in class

Stimulation, Support and Safeguarding

While the programme of education at ICS London provides students with plenty of mental stimulation to keep minds sharp, and physical education lessons keep bodies fit and healthy, our support services ensure all students are able to thrive at ICS London on every level.

Our safeguarding policies are in place to support students throughout their entire school experience, including meeting the needs of students with medical conditions.

Our Whole School Policy for Safeguarding Incorporating Child Protection is the bedrock of our safeguarding practices, and has been developed to fulfil our legal duties and responsibilities under Section 157 of the 2002 Education Act and the Children Acts of 1989 and 2004.